“We stayed in 5 different locations over 5 nights . From the first view of Kilimanjaro across the plan with the wildlife in front to the waterhole at Satao, every new species of animal spotted brought a frisson of excitement. In addition the different stops at night gave a variety of perspectives of life in the National Parks, from work with the Maasai, to the Tsavo Trust's wildlife projects , all geared towards providing a sustainable future for the environment and the wildlife. It didn’t skimp on the harsher side of reality such as poaching and corruption. This gave a deeper understanding of the issues, leading to a vastly more complete experience than one might get simply doing the game drives. I came away with a hatful of memories, a knowledge of the issues, and importantly an understanding of the fragility of the world we had been privileged to see. ”

- David Ray, UK

“ I can’t remember being as excited about going anywhere as I was after booking Patrick’s Safari in Kenya. It turned out that it was for good reason - one of my best all time holiday experiences ever. Beautiful camps set in outstanding places of natural beauty.
I would just like to say a HUGE thanks to Patrick for everything, perfect.”

- Crispin Chetwynd, UK

“This is the way to do a safari - travel light, stay in breath taking places with people entrusted with the forefront of conservation, walk with Masai trackers in cloud forests and eat heartily when you get back. The landscapes are wide and vast. I was transfixed one afternoon by elephant families coming and going at a watering hole - babies, huge bulls, truculent teenagers, probably over 100 or so of these mighty creatures, jostling and conversing. And then that night we were woken up to see the lions stalking in the dark. And there was so much more. A pretty hard 5 days to beat.”

- Sara Novakovic, UK

“For the most fun , stay at Patrick's Gaba Gaba House. He knows the best places to go on safari and where to stay and what hikes to take. Plus you could find yourself sitting right next to a gorgeous wild cheetah - as I did - on a private personal safari in the magnificent land of Kenya.”

- Beverley Feinberg, USA

“Great safari.Everything you could want. Amazing game.. Stunning scenery... First class accommodation - Not to mention our kind caring thoughtful guide who made our family adventure so memorable. Thanks Patrick. Would recommend to all.”

- Dwight Wood, United Kingdom

“So much wildlife in Tsavo East - hundreds of elephants! And amazing scenery in Tsavo West including a great view of Mount Kilimanjaro.”

- Mike and Lainie, United Kingdom




4/5 day safari

Tsaavo East West and Chyulus

Open camps

Full of animals, especially elephants and giraffes, all year round